Ben Watts, who photographed Danielle Herrington’s new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, is Naomi Watt’s brother

The new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue has launched model newbie Danielle Herrington into the stratosphere. Obviously her good looks made this shot cover material, but she couldn’t have done it — literally — without professional photographer Ben Watts, who took the photo.

Watts is an acclaimed photog — more on that in a minute — but he is also the older brother of actress Naomi Watts. Yes, the Oscar nominee. The siblings were born in London — their dad was the late Peter Watts, road manager for Pink Floyd — before moving to Australia. We know what Naomi went on to do, but Ben attended Sydney College of Arts and became a photographer’s assistant. He soon started shooting for Australian Vogue, among others. He later moved to NYC — like his sis — and has shot advertising campaigns for major companies, like Apple and Polo Ralph Lauren. He’s also shot a slew of cover pix for celebrities — from, yes, his sister to Hugh Jackman, who has used him many times, and also Chris Hemsworth, Ashley Graham, Henry Cavill, and Fergie, to name just a few.

Watts celebrated the new SI Swimsuit cover on Tuesday by sharing some behind-the-scenes shots from his time with Herrington in Harbour Island, Bahamas, where the shoot took place, as well as to offer his congratulations. She’s clearly the new “It” girl, earning kudos on the cover from everyone from Tyra Banks to Kate Upton.

For the record, this isn’t Watts’s first SI Swimsuit cover. He was also the man behind Hannah Jeter’s super racy photo in 2015. You remember — her bikini was pulled down so low that we were educated on her waxing preferences, and stories like What Does the Sports Illustrated Cover Teach Our Kids? were plentiful.

Watts clearly has a good touch with swimsuit models — he’s also worked with Victoria’s Secret ladies too —  but celebrities love him too. Last month, some of Watts’s archival photos of the late Heath Ledger were well loved across the internet when Naomi and others shared them around the 10-year anniversary of the actor’s death. (Naomi dated Heath.)

He has a bunch — and they’re pretty incredible.

As we mentioned, Watts is a preferred photographer for Jackman. He photographed the actor for The Greatest Showman — as well as during Jackman’s promotion of the film.

Earlier in 2017, Watts also shot Jackman for Logan

…including this Entertainment Weekly cover. (Hugh was ready for his close-up that day.)

Alec Baldwin swung some clubs in Watts’s direction — but all in good fun. This was the November issue of British GQ.

Ashley Graham struck a pose for Watts in the summer of 2016.

He’s worked with Jay-Z.  “We spent a week with him,” Watts noted of the 2008 adventure.

This shot of Henry Cavill became a cover for Men’s Fitness in 2016.

(Image: Ben Watts: Men’s Fitness)

Hey there, Kardashians. He shot this Glamour cover for Kim Kardashian and ko. in 2012.

(Photo: Ben Watts for Glamour)

He had some fun with Matt Damon for GQ in 2012.

(Image: Ben Watts/GQ)

He got Selena Gomez to be brave.

(Image: Ben Watts/Seventeen)

And also did this Seventeen shoot with Justin Bieber.

(Image: Ben Watts/Seventeen)

He definitely has the in with the Aussies, having grown up there. He was behind the Sexiest Man Alive shoot with Chris Hemsworth.

(Image: Ben Watts/People)

He’s also shot covers for Chris Pratt, Chris PineFergie, Ruby Rose, and Miranda Lambert. And of course his sister.

Instagram feed. (Her kids too.)" data-reactid="208">She’s clearly a favorite subject. She’s all over his Instagram feed. (Her kids too.)

photos — models and celebrities making that gesture. Ariana Grande has done it." data-reactid="215">Watts is also known for taking #shhhhh photos — models and celebrities making that gesture. Ariana Grande has done it.




Jamie Foxx…

And Chris Pine…

photos are coming soon to a magazine cover near you." data-reactid="233">But his talent isn’t a secret. Ben Watts is in demand and his photos are coming soon to a magazine cover near you.

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Ben Watts, who photographed Danielle Herrington’s new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, is Naomi Watt’s brother

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