Billie shaving service ‘paying women back’ for the Pink Tax


Meet Billie, a new women’s shaving subscription service. (Photo courtesy of Billie)

On behalf of all retailers who have charged women more than men for products simply because they’re for women, also known as the very real “Pink Tax,” shaving retailer Billie is truly sorry.

Billie, the brand new razor subscription service for women, launched on Nov. 14 with no reservations about who they are as a brand and what they represent. When you go to their page, their tagline is “Razors made for Womankind.” Other outlets have compared the company to the Dollar Shave Club, another shaving subscription service geared toward men.

There’s a big difference though: Billie is decrying the “Pink Tax,” named after the main color of products directed toward female consumers, and are “paying” customers back.

“We came up with The Pink Tax Rebate to ‘reimburse’ women for all the years spent over-paying for women’s razors,” Billie’s co-founders Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Billie co-founders Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman. (Photo courtesy of Billie)

That reimbursement includes a credit shoppers can use if they share a referral with friends. Buyers can earn up to $5, $10, or $20 credit for every 5, 10, or 20 people they send a referral link to. It may be good marketing, too, but Gooley and Bravman say they created the brand with women’s needs first and foremost.

“The shaving industry has been largely created by and for men, which may explain why women are still overpaying for women’s razors,” the founders says. “Billie was created to fill a gap in the market and provide women with premium quality shaving and body care products uniquely designed for womankind, without the ‘Pink Tax.’”

In addition to the anti-Pink Tax credits, the brand also plans to donate 1 percent of all revenue to support women causes around the world.

Billie razors boast a “no clogging design.” (Photo courtesy of Billie)

So far, the products seem to match up with the hype. Their blades are touted as some of the sharpest in the world and have a “no clogging design.” The products also claim to be toxin and paraben-free, GMO-and-animal-friendly, and has top ratings within the EWG Skin Deep database, which is a review site for beauty industry products.

The founders hope the movement continues beyond them, though.

“We encourage all brands to reevaluate the pricing structure of women’s products so that they are comparable to men’s products,” they say.

Here, here.

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Billie shaving service ‘paying women back’ for the Pink Tax

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