Delta Air Lines Employee Curses At Customer (Yes, While Customer is Filming Him)

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We can all get frazzled at times.

Our emotions get the better of us and our intelligence goes out off to get something to eat.

Still, you might wonder about the wisdom of a customer service employee cursing at a customer.

Especially when that customer service employee works for an airline.

In this case, Delta Air Lines.

Let’s examine the evidence we have.

Ruhul Amin was traveling from Honolulu to Portland, Oregon.

KGW-TV reports that his Delta flight was twice delayed, so he was put on a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

His luggage, however, went on a Delta flight.

Amin, a scientist, went to pick up his luggage at Portland airport and, well, something seemed to go awry.

Relations between him and the two baggage agents were a touch south of Cape Town. 

So much so that the male Delta employee actually uttered: “You can take my f***ing picture if you want, you a**hole.”


Worse, Amin posted more footage to his Facebook page.

This appears to show him trying to reasonable, while the baggage agents would prefer to dismiss him from their presence.

These days, passengers know that their cellphones are a powerful tool when they feel they’re being wronged.

They also know that the very act of being filmed can provoke people into regrettable actions and reactions.

This baggage agent isn’t the first airline employee to react in an imperfect manner when faced with a filming customer.

Who could forget the United Airlines employee who didn’t take kindly to it and called the police?

Which these Delta employees also threaten to do too.

The problem, sometimes, is knowing what happened just before the filming began. 

What interactions may or may not have taken place for this unpleasant escalation of self-expression?

I contacted Delta to ask for its side, and will update, should I be graced with a reply.

KGW, though, reports that the baggage agent was suspended.

“The actions displayed by this employee do not in any way reflect the standard of customer service and professionalism we expect from our employees. This conduct is unacceptable and we have reached out directly to the customer and apologized,” the airline said in a statement.

Amin says he was offered a $200 voucher.

And another airline manages to contrive a poor look in the public eye.

If you’re in customer service and you know you’re being filmed, you should also know that the film could be made public within seconds. 

And for a few rash moment, the price could be high.

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Delta Air Lines Employee Curses At Customer (Yes, While Customer is Filming Him)

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