Love and Relationships Advice – The Three Most Important Things In A Relationship

So many people in a relationship are lacking the three most important parts to making that relationship work. There are too many people that are in relationships with the wrong people because they are scared. They are scared to be alone. They would rather be in a bad relationship than none at all. That is the worst thing you can do. By staying in a bad relationship you are stopping yourself from finding a great relationship. You have closed yourself off from any possibilities of meeting a partner and having the most amazing, loving relationship- the one you have been always dreaming of having. Three of the most important aspects of a relationship are:

1. Friendship: This is the best foundation for a relationship. If you have a solid true friendship with your partner then you are ahead of 90% of all relationships. In order to love one another and spend everyday with this person you must truly like each other or the relationship is doomed from the start. There are so many people I speak to that tell me how much they dislike their partner and they do not want to spend time with them. If you do not want to spend time with your partner than what are you doing with that person to begin with.

2. Communication: This is the number one most important thing in a relationship (any relationship). If there is no communication between people than any issues that they have just get buried deep down and only end up making things worse. If you can not trust your partner enough to talk openly with them, then what kind of relationship do you have? I know how hard it is to communicate with your partner about issues the two of you may have. But just because it hard does not mean you can not or should not do it. Do not be afraid. Most of the time people are afraid that their relationship will end if they say something. That can not stop you. I can tell you that if you do not say anything your relationship will end.

3. Compatibility: You must enjoy doing the same things together. I am not saying that you have to like all the same things, but you need to have some things in common. I know in the beginning of a relationship you have attraction to each other and are more interested in sex than anything else. The attraction will not go away but it does get toned down and when that happens if you do not have anything in common with your partner and have nothing that you enjoy doing with each other the relationship will fail.

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Love and Relationships Advice – The Three Most Important Things In A Relationship

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