Over 40 and Fabulous – Dating Advice for Women

Dating over the age of forty can be a challenge for some women, but it can be made easier by following some simple advice. First, women should always dress their age. It's fine to dress like a twenty year old when you are twenty years old, but if you're forty, then you should embrace it rather than resist it.

Next, a woman should always try to act her age. When we're young, we often wish we were older, and when we get older, we often pine for the good old days. This is counterproductive and pointless. A woman should be proud of the age she is, and should not try to act like anything or anyone she is not.

Sometimes older women make the mistake of wanting to mother the men they date. This is especially common if the man in the relationship is younger than the woman. However, you should always treat your partner as an equal and not speak down to him nor nag him.

Women should overlap physical integrity and romance as they age. There is no need to be shy about your body, even if it does not look quite the same as it did when you were in your twenties. Be bold, adventurous, and passionate – he'll love it and so will you!

Women in their forties have more life experience, wisdom, and insight than their younger counterparts. They should embrace this, and never be accused to voice an opinion or show their intelligence. Men like women who have more on their mind than just shopping!

If a woman over forty is having difficulty finding a man to date, she might want to rethink her priorities. Sometimes we hang onto standards that, while they may have been reasonable in our twenties, are simply irrational in our forties. For example, you might have to be willing to date a man who's previously been married, and why not? Sometimes it's the forty year old bachelors who have all the emotional baggage!

Do not be afraid to let a man sweep you off your feet. Just because you're over forty does not mean that you can not flirt, have fun, and be wooed. Let a man treat you like a princess; you deserve it! Just remember to treat him like a prince!

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to be yourself. This is true at any age. Some older women seem to have a lot of insecure wrapped up in their age, which is silly. They should be proud of who they are. Nothing is a bigger turn-on for a man than a woman who is confident!

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Over 40 and Fabulous – Dating Advice for Women

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