What plus size means to Nia Jax, Christian Siriano, Leslie Jones [Video]

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The words ‘plus size’ can mean so many things for different people. A handful of years ago, it seemed to be solely a negative term; you definitely didn’t want to labeled as such and fashion clearly reflected that. There was no positive representation of plus size bodies anywhere, plus size fashion was basically nonexistent (and if it did exist, it was mediocre at best), and the term itself was almost said as a whisper.

Fast forward to modern day and the words ‘plus size’ hold such a different meaning. It’s common to find people who are embracing the term and using it to describe not only their size in clothing but also their bodies. 

I walked around two major events this past week — theCurvyCon and New York Fashion Week — and asked dozens of people what the one word is that comes to mind when they hear the words ‘plus size.’ 

I asked everyone from CurvyCon attendees to models to famed designers to actresses and I found it comforting that there was no shortage of an overwhelmingly positive word association with the term. Clothing designer Christian Siriano’s word was ‘GORGEOUS,’ professional wrestler and model Nia Jax’s was ‘POSITIVE,’ a curvy con attendee’s was ‘VIVACIOUS,’ and so many more notable descriptors. 

Personally, if I was asked this question, I would have a really hard time coming up with a single word that remotely encompasses what ‘plus size’ is. We know the natural relationships like clothing size or body type but when you dig deeper, plus size is so much more than that.

We live in a world that by far and wide tries to diminish plus size people. People are constantly trying to tear us down, change us, shrink us, or make us go away. You can be strikingly beautiful and plus size…and still get endless amounts of hate and negativity thrown your way.

It was electric to share the same space with so many people who embrace and love the plus size world. I would try to describe it more poignantly but I wouldn’t do it justice.

So, if I really had to choose just one word that comes to my mind when I hear the words ‘plus size’, it would simply be ‘POWERFUL.’

Watch the video above, and tell us what you think.

More highlights from Yahoo Lifestyle’s exclusive broadcast of theCURVYcon:

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What plus size means to Nia Jax, Christian Siriano, Leslie Jones [Video]

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