You Know Kate and Pippa, But Who Are the Other Middletons?

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By now, the world is very well acquainted with Kate Middleton. And thanks to the now Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding, Pippa Middleton is a pretty familiar face. But the rest of the Middleton clan manages to skirt relatively below the radar—at least in the U.S. This Saturday, however, Carole, Michael, and James Middleton will re-dawn across the collective consciousness, thanks to Pippa’s wedding. So, in order to prepare, a brief review appears below.

Carole Middleton

Carole Middleton, born Carole Goldsmith, grew up in Southall, a suburban area of West London. While working as a flight attendant for British Airways, Carole met her future husband, Michael Middleton. The couple married in 1980 in Buckinghamshire, and in 1982, Carole gave birth to their first child, Catherine. In 1983, Pippa was born, followed by James in 1987. While Carole was pregnant with James, she founded Party Pieces. The business was at first a mail-order party supplies service, but has since become a multimillion-dollar company. This year, it’s celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Michael Middleton

Michael Middleton grew up in Leeds, a northern city located in West Yorkshire. His father was a pilot, and Michael went on to become an air steward, and met his future wife, Carole, while working at British Airways. For a three-year period, the family lived in Amman, Jordan, where Michael was stationed through British Airways. Soon after their return to the U.K., Carole founded Party Pieces, and Michael quickly joined her to work on the business. Michael will walk Pippa down the aisle this Saturday, as he did for Kate in 2011.

James Middleton

The youngest Middleton child, James grew up in Berkshire and attended Marlborough College like his older sisters. Also like Kate and Pippa, James worked for a period at the family business. He founded the now-defunct Cake Kit Company and Nice Cakes, before more recently starting Boomf, a marshmallow company. Although he did not graduate, James followed in Pippa’s footsteps by attending Edinburgh University. Currently, James dates television personality Donna Air, who is expected to attend both Pippa’s wedding ceremony and reception.

This story originally appeared on Vogue.

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You Know Kate and Pippa, But Who Are the Other Middletons?

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