Zodiac Signs – Relationships and Compatibility

In theory any type of personalities can get along. So any two zodiac sign charts can have compatibility and a relationship. In reality though, those two people with conflicting chart energies will have a lot tougher time making a relationship last – and will have much more friction along the way – than people who have harmonizing and balancing, compatible energies.

Lots of people want to know about zodiac sign compatibility. They also want it to be simple and easy to understand. It's an important concept to be familiar with. Does knowing the astrology signs of a potential partner or boyfriend or girlfriend give you a better chance and a better idea if the two of you can make a relationship work? Yes.

The typical simple reading that you will get is that Sun signs that are 120 degrees apart are balancing and they get along. So Aries with Leo and Sagittarius go together because they are all fire signs. And these same elements naturally get along. The same would go for the earth elements, air and water elements as "compatible" zodiac signs.

But this is false in my view. Synastry between two people is more than just the aspects in a chart. Two very fiery and aggressive people may make for exciting romance and interesting aggression and passion between one another for a month or two. But long-term, this is a combustible arrangement and simply too much heat for both to take! Their personalities will likely clash without other elements of their chart can balance much better.

So you must consider the traditional astrology sign relationships in my view. Say Ashley's birth chart Moon is in Aries, and Sun is in Capricorn. And say that her potential boyfriend Paul's Sun is in Leo, and his Moon is in Scorpio.

This is what true reliability compatibility is about. It is about the receptions of the planets between one another. Ashley's Moon is in one of Paul's Sun's favorite signs. She really admires and can be infatuated with Paul. The sparks can really be there. And the same from Paul's perspective. He has a Sun and Moon which is "built-in" to have a good potential relationship with Ashley.

You have to look at the planets signs. This is part of traditional astrology. The birth chart will show the temperament of a person. If the two people are naturally inclined to be private, then this might be good. If one is very outgoing and loud and party-like, this may bring the private, secluded person out of their shell for a while. This might be fun for dating. But it's hard to fight against someone's inner nature. So over time, this type of relationship setup may not work as well.

Looking at a review of each person's full birth chart can give a robust idea of ​​their nature, their likes and dislikes. This then can give a great tool to see how the two people will interact. Simply looking at one person's aspects with another is more shallow. Seeing the same ascendant with two people is nice and does provide a tiny bit of information.

If you look hard enough, you can always find contacts and close degrees or angles between different planets in two people's charts. So knowing about zodiac sign temperament, personality, and a person's full nature can provide much more fertile understanding to give them the best opportunity to see which type of people will really be right for them in the long run. This will allow the sparks and excitation of an initial relationship and dates, as well as give great opportunity for growth and happiness for many years to come.

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Zodiac Signs – Relationships and Compatibility

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